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The Sarasota County Aging Network (SCAN) is a non-profit organization.
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Does Aging Cause Chronic Pain or Does Chronic Pain Cause Aging?

Guest Speaker: Butch Phelps, LMT
The Muscle Repair Shop

Learn why age is not the cause of your pain. Chronic pain as we age has more to do with our lifestyles, diet, and activity then our age. Learn how the shoes we wear, the way we stand, sit, and walk causes many of the typical aches and pains of older adults. We will learn how we mentally approach aging can contribute to the amount of pain we endure as we age.

Butch Phelps is a licensed Florida massage therapist with an Associate of Science degree in Advanced Massage Therapies, an Associate of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Bachelor of Science degree in Aging Sciences. He has owned The Muscle Repair Shop since 2005 and has studied the causes and effects of our lifestyles in regard to our chronic pain. Butch Phelps has worked on people suffering from Parkinson’s, ALS, Strokes, heart disease, joint replacements, and back surgeries. In his practice, he has seen remarkable transitions from living in pain to a life with little to no pain. His clientele range in age from 5 years old to 97 years old. Butch loves to teach people how to help their bodies stop their pain.

 Arrive at 8:00 am for a light breakfast and networking, followed by the meeting at 8:30 am. Thank you to our breakfast sponsor, Howard Blaustein, President of Senior Life Publications.


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Monthly Meeting Overview

SCAN meets every fourth Thursday of the month. Meetings feature a light breakfast, networking, program, and the opportunity for self-introductions. While attendance is open to anyone interested, those who attend more than twice are asked to become members.

Meeting Location

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital
6400 Edgelake Drive
Sarasota, FL 34240

2018 Meeting Schedule

  • May 24th
  • June 28th
  • July 26th
  • August 23rd
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  • October 25th
  • November - No Meeting
  • December - Holiday Party


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