About Us

Sarasota County Aging Network (SCAN) is a support and resource organization providing grants, education, and referrals for issues concerning seniors in Sarasota, FL. SCAN helps the senior community through several initiatives:

  • Produces an annual directory of senior services for dissemination throughout the county
  • Advocates senior services to address their unmet needs
  • Contributes small grants in support of local non-profit organizations, providing valuable services to Sarasota County seniors
  • Provides networking opportunities for persons and organizations involved in senior services

Senior Service Directory

The SCAN Directory is one of the most comprehensive resources for seniors and their families in Sarasota County.

More than 90,000 directories are distributed annually. Proceeds from our ad sales enable SCAN to sponsor worthwhile initiatives. We provide grants for different programs and services, serving seniors and their families.

Our directory is published by the Herald-Tribune Media Group. If you wish to order single or bulk copies, call 941-361-4027 or send an email to honesty.mantkowski@heraldtribune.com.

Click to View the 2018 SCAN Directory

SCAN is the leading support and resource organization for seniors in Sarasota County. Fill out the form if you are interested in becoming a member.