Feed The Front

Coming together right now is what the world needs! 

In our little slice of the world, our front line workers, caregivers, nurses,

housekeepers and kitchen staff in rehabs, nursing homes and hospitals

need a PAUSE...or RESET button. What can we do? 

Show a little love with "Feed The Front", an organization gaining momentum

in giving those who need it, a break...

Several local restaurants and senior community businesses are coming together to feed and allow these tireless workers a break. 

Join us, VOLUNTEER. Call the number to donate time, money or services to this worthy cause. 

This is a great way to focus on your positive energy and be a part of the solution! 

How It All Started...

It all started when Theresa from BG said…let’s take breakfast to Surrey Place & Heritage Park… that was it. We went and delivered breakfast for 60 of our well deserving front line care givers … the gratitude, the relief and the genuine love that was shown was all that we needed to bring together a plan… Diane Gelardi, (my fearless leader ) said, “we need a new strategy to reach seniors and help out the front line workers.” “ Christina, come up with something good!” I said “OK” and Feed the Front was born.


I started by reaching contacts I had with MCAN and the Senior Blue Book (Samantha Hersh is the publisher) … they were both on board and so excited to partner up, MCAN is focusing on PPE gear and Senior Blue Book was happy to assist in spreading the word. (Samantha is also the President of the Sarasota County of Aging Network) I then reached out to a contact I have that is a motivational speaker in Orlando and is very well connected… he got me an interview with a woman who has over 500,000 followers and we did a live Linked In Interview, currently we have over 6000 views and numerous comments , all positive!  


On a conference call Senior Blue Book conducted (zoom) of over 50 people in our industry it was announced that Feed the Front was recognized by MCAN and was awarded a grant of $2500.00 with more coming. We are set up to take donations through MCAN (as it is then tax deductible for businesses) and the pot will be distributed to feed both Manatee County and Sarasota County.


As Feed the Front evolved we also began partnering up with Friendship Centers in Sarasota,  and another brainchild emerged…what if instead of cold calls ..we made wellness calls … we would simply call our database and see if they needed anything… in Sarasota the Friendship Center had an overabundance of food but not enough of a database of seniors to deliver to….  Phillipi Creek got onboard right away and has had 5 meals delivered last week, in Bradenton we work with Meals on Wheels and have had 3 meals delivered last week and several scheduled for next week.


We are currently working on getting breakfast delivered to Westminster Pleasant Point on Thursday , and will set up for next week, starting in Sarasota as well …we have connected with Sarasota Sally (in charge of all “The Taste Of” events in the western part of Florida… she has contacted over 50 mom and pop restaurants in Sarasota that will be in our list of preferred contacts for meals.  That brings me to another facet of Feed The Front; using only local small Mom and Pop restaurants in our areas we do our part in keeping these restaurants floating until they are able to get open again. They are NOT donating food, just a little better pricing, delivery and specific packaging.


Why do all this work for free?


Because it’s about having Courage to do the right thing, and having faith that the money and move ins will follow. It’s about being Passionate for our senior community  It’s about Partnerships in every aspect of senior living so we can continue to grow our brand awareness. And most importantly it’s about the Trust that we receive from Seniors, from Families and from Partners that will respect us, and depend on us because of our continued strive for excellence and maintain our integrity. And because we work with housekeepers, maintenance techs, business office managers , nurses and caregivers to name a few who get up every morning , kiss their families goodbye to care for our most venerable population and they need to know that these acts do not go unappreciated, we will care for them as they care for others, my ED saw her Mom after months of no contact in full PPE gear, with a face shield on tirelessly working to take care of others… that’s why we will continue to Feed the Front.


I believe in this program and all it is capable of achieving. Thank you Jill, Diane and the Regional Team  for your support as Bradenton/ Sarasota cares for its corner of the world.

Christina Oickle

Director of Sales & Marketing

Brookdale Palma Sola

A little more about this initiative...

Feed the Front

Feed the Front was founded by a group of senior care providers and led by Christina Oickle from Brookdale Palma Sola, on April 13th in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic facing the United States. After exploring different ideas all geared toward supporting not only our health care workers, but also our local economy, we launched Feed the Front with the desire to support our senior care giving community as well as local restaurants. We are not a 501c3 at this point in time.


Restaurant Selection and Impact

Feed the Front is looking to feed health care workers in rehabs, hospitals and nursing homes from restaurants spanning the Bradenton area, and other local towns (Sarasota & Lakewood Ranch). We are looking to support local Mom & Pop restaurants in our areas …putting orders in for 25-75 healthcare works per “meal” or “treat” The restaurants are also receive acknowledgement through all our social media outlets.


Rehab/Nursing Home and Hospital Coordination and Feedback

Feed the Front is primarily using personal relationships to coordinate deliveries between restaurants and locations. As our campaign grows rapidly, we expect to receive inbound requests for deliveries from Hospitals/Rehabs and Nursing Homes allowing our footprint to expand. We are confident this can happen as our deliveries continue to be met with smiles, gratitude, and even some tears.


Companies Supporting the Effort, in conjunction with Manatee County for Aging Network & Seniors Blue Book:

Brookdale Palma Sola, Brookdale Bradenton Gardens, Brookdale Pointe West, Senior Blue Book, Nurses on Call and many more and growing!

Call us today at 239-410-5663

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